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“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay him for his deed.” 

Proverbs 19:17

At Perish No More, much like the people we serve we have many needs and ways you can help us. We need individuals who can give of their time, their talents, and their treasure to help change another's life for eternity! Lives are at stake! Will you help us!


Come join our volunteer force for Christ that helps deliver food to the homeless, helps people move, serves as mentors, leads Bible studies, assists with financial management, helps with administration duties, data entry, event planning, newsletters, and managing our social media and website.

We are also constantly in need of plumbers, electricians, painters, handy men and women that can assist with household repairs and of course Prayer Warriors who will support us in prayer! 


Some of the ways you can bless others through our ministry is through donating gift cards especially for grocery and office supply stores, donating back to school supplies, donating food for our food bank, and of course any monetary gift is a blessing and will be used to make a difference in someone's life.

A major need we have right now is for a new Ministry Outreach Center (our old site burned down in 2011).

In the silence we can find the beauty of being still,

A forgotten practice birthed before the world became corrupt and ill.

It is in this place that our senses arise and paint their masterpiece,

A fascinating work given from God for joyful release.

Sadly this display is rarely utilized,

Being so overwhelmed with life our concept of time has been damaged forever finalized.

I beg of you to retreat in your mind,

Allow your soul a place to unwind.

God needs mere moments to transform a thought,

It's such a pity we see it as something to be bought.

Please take some time a stare at the wind, it may be tough to see but the leaves will always show you where it's been.

Just take a peek at the magic of the waves in the sea,

Constantly sculpting the beach forever roaming free.

And off in the distance the mountains rise in the sky,

Singing in unison "no act of man could build me so high."

Even the rivers scream with authority,

As if giving definition to gorgeous being top priority.

I know it's hard to see beyond ourselves,

Because we are told to believe self worth is measured by the size of our house and what sits on their shelves.

True value in life isn't calculated by dreams,

And please believe this world is far bigger than it seems.

Learn to open your eyes to what completes your heart,

Go and push till you've reached your end because only then can God do His part.

Don't complicate the real you,

By all the things society tells you to do.

And always remember before your eyes close,

In God's great Glory His Love is present because he remembered to hold your heart and to color the rose.


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